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Dream + Brag Interview with Tiffany Yu

Being grateful can make all the difference on our journeys.

It helps keep things in perspective, allows us to fully experience the here and now.

One tradition we have at Dreamers // Doers is expressing gratitude for each other. Tiffany is one of the doers who stood out. We heard: "'Im grateful to Tiffany for being such a positive and active force in the online side of this community."

We're featuring her here as a token of appreciation, and because she is amazing.

What's a fun, random fact about you?

I got a tattoo on my 23rd birthday. I had actually spent 2 years thinking about it. It's really meaningful to me.


What are you working on right now? What are you passionate about?

I am working on Diversability. We foster community online and off to connect, showcase, and empower people of all abilities doing amazing things. We want to get more people talking and thinking about disability as a core part of the diversity conversation. This article summed up part of our work: "Become a stronger ally by using your fear as an indicator of the things you need to work on. Confront your discomfort, and ask questions." Everyone needs to be included and engaged in the conversation.


What are some of your dreams? Do they scare you?

So many dreams... things I aspire to do or become. Ultimately, I want to do something that matters and has a direct impact on people's lives. I look to companies like THINX and Susty Party as the type of company I'd like to create. I want to empower others to chase their own dreams. And I would love to be able to celebrate life and wins with my team and my friends, all of whom are magnetic and exceptional people. I think the scariest part is actually writing this here!



Brag about yourself: WE DARE YOU. Tell us 3 things you’re most proud of.

1. I created Diversability. I never thought I would do this. In the 10+ years after the car accident left me with a disability, all I wanted to do was hide. The most rewarding part has been the impact we've had on our members, from winning grants/awards and starting their own projects, to changing mindsets.

2. I was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal (thanks to a fellow D//Der) and have recently joined the World Economic Forum's NYC Global Shapers. Love thinking that this is just the beginning of more amazing things to come.

3. I was ranked top bucket in my analyst class at Goldman. I struggled with major imposter and comparison syndrome when I first started. I thought about what I wanted out of my experience and turned that negative energy into positive energy to focus on my goals.


What were the hardest and most helpful learning lessons on your journey? What advice would you give your younger self?

So many lessons learned! Here are a few that are top of mind.

1. There will always be people who don't like your idea.

2. If you find yourself complaining, stop. Instead, take action and do something about it.

3. If you don't ask, the answer is always no.

4. What's the worst that can happen? Take risks.

5. You are on your own journey. Don't compare yourself to someone's highlight reel.


What is a personal quote or mantra you live by?

If it's both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it. Click To Tweet  

What would 3 of your best friends say your best qualities are? (go ahead, ask them)

I actually asked! Here are a few snippets from my friends:

1. Confident and articulate 2. Focused and driven: "you're a self starter that consistently gets things done" 3. Warm and congenial: "you have a 'never met a stranger' personality that makes people want to be around you and be your friend"


Where do you see yourself a year from now?

A year from now, I see myself looking back at the past year and thinking "wow."


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