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How to Growth Hack Anything with Fiverr

You're amazing!

Fiverran online marketplace offering affordable services with quick turnover— is a gold-mine for growth-hacking. 

As entrepreneurs/trailblazers/those who take the road less traveled, growth-hacking = our marketing. In fact, during a recent event with Dreamers // Doers, Vincent Dignanwidely proclaimed as a "growth-hack god"—called out Fiverr as an essential growth-hack *secret weapon*.


Below is a selection of some of our personal Fiverr growth-hack use cases.

You're amazing!

Pump up your PR Distribution:

Send your press release to 1000 relevant media outlets in the US, UK, or Canada

Reach the Chinese market by writing and distributing your content in Chinese media outlets

Have someone write a compelling PR piece for your business

You're amazing!

Boost your SEO:

Try this writer for SEO reader-friendly content on your blog 

Get 18000 backlinks from 6000 wikis to website/blog/Youtube

Improve your website with a full Google SEO 

You're amazing!

Create killer content:

Find article ideas and titles for your content marketing plan in 24 hours

See what your site looks like for visitors with a Content Readability Score

Take your company to the next level with an 8-week content marketing plan

You're amazing!

Make your social media soar:

Get impressive designs for your social media, web ads, and banners

Boost your company's Snapchat with an awesome marketing strategy

Embellish your Instagram with a custom image design template

Kickstart your Pinterest presence with a basic board setup

Image courtesy of Craftedium_ (+you can hire them for social media design here

You're amazing!

Frequent influencer marketing:

Spread the word about your company using a company-curated influencer campaign

You're amazing!

Upgrade your Facebook/Google Ads:

Have someone set up paid Facebook ad campaigns for your business

Up your company's Facebook game with carousel ads 

Get help with designing unique google ads

You're amazing!

Win with your design:

Show off your company stats with a beautiful infographic

Make a stunning watercolor video of your logo 

You're amazing!

Supercharge your email marketing:

Have someone write awesome emails for your email marketing campaign

Create a responsive newsletter with an editable Mailchimp template

Add more people to your mailing list with Mailchimp magnet delivery


Image courtesy of MarketingAlways 24 7 (+ you can hire her for email writing here)

You're amazing!

Optimize your mobile visibility:

Submit your app for review not the top 30 app review sites

Connect your website to a bar code or QR code

Use a mobile app marketing template to bring your app to the next level

You're amazing!

Other fun ways to play with Fiverr:

Mail a glitter bomb to your most valued client (or yourself)

Write your company name in fruit and chocolate

Create an animated video of minions dancing to promote your company

Grab your customers attention by having students in India read out your message

Write a message about your business in alphabetti spaghetti on toast

Image courtesy of Hollyellen (+ send your own glitter bomb here)

Image courtesy of Hollyellen (+ send your own glitter bomb here)

You're amazing!

 . . . & so much more.

We hope these hacks will help you grow beyond your wildest dreams! (no magic cookies required)


What Fiverr growth hacks have you used?


Share your thoughts


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