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Dream + Brag Interview with M. Nicole Siobal

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Who has been a huge help to you on the path less traveled?

Nicole's name was one of the first to surface when we posed this question to the Dreamers // Doers community.

We're featuring her on our blog to say thank you! (And because she is awesome.)

Tell us about yourself and what you do, but do it in a tweet.

Entrepreneur at <3. #Founder & #CEO at @enjoyyeusa. Helping others in need is my #joy. Let's get S**t done & #ChangeTheWorld together


What is unusual about what you do? Why did you pick this path? 

We are creating an innovative space that harnesses social human behavior in conjunction with the jewelry industry. We allow our users to connect with their favorite brands while also helping others in need, thus redefining shopping as a social and philanthropic experience. The idea came from a passion to give back after many years of being involved in philanthropy; I wanted to do something that gave joy to all. Entrepreneurship runs in my family, so I always knew this path was the one for me to take; it was not something I picked, it picked me.

What are 3 big dreams of yours? (ps: if they’re not audacious they don’t count!)

  1. Help others. Despite its simplicity, this is the biggest dream of ALL in my mind. My work is fulfilling when I know it affects those around me in a positive way. I hope to continue spreading the joy with all of my future endeavors. For example, I would love to help my mom retire and give back to her for all the hard work and sacrifices she made for my sister and I as a single mom.

  1. To make an impact and inspire others to take risks). My dream is to help others make their dreams come true.

  1. To get en.JOYYE to a level where I am able to immerse myself in different cultures and get more involved with non-profits around the world. And one day, maybe meet Richard Branson along the way. #idol


What value do you see in a community like Dreamers // Doers when taking the path less traveled? 

I truly believe that in order to be great, you must surround yourself with great people. A community like Dreamers // Doers provides value by existing as a hub of like-minded, inspiring and badass women. Being a woman entrepreneur of a tech startup is no walk in the park. Communities such as this are crucial in building an unbreakable foundation through connections and ultimately through mutual support and collaboration. Together, we can make the greatest impact of all.

Brag about yourself: WE DARE YOU. Tell us 3 things you’re most proud of. 

  1. I was a high school drop out once. Now I am a college graduate with a double degree in marketing and international business, with a minor concentration in Spanish and business culture from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park, and the founder and CEO of a New York City fashion-tech startup. How's that for bragging? J/K :)

  1. During my time living in DC, my passion to help others and community involvement was recognized by Washington Life Magazine and was honored to be part of their Young and The Guest-list 2010, 2011, and 2012 annual list - a guide to the city's under 40 movers and shakers.

  1. My ability to take adversity and turn them into opportunities. The en.JOYYE concept and name was actually inspired by a fundraising campaign I executed while I lived in DC for the 2010 ‘Woman of the Year’ campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of  my best friend Joy, who passed away from cancer. The name of the campaign was en.JOY- because we must remember to enjoy giving joy back to others in need.


What is a personal quote or mantra you live by?

Never let anyone else define your path for you. It’s up to you, so make it a great one, and make an impact! Click To Tweet

What would your best friend say your best quality is? 

Being selfless and compassionate to everyone that surrounds me.

What gives you confidence?

Doing great work that I am passionate about and giving it my all. It's rewarding to see that my hard work is well received by others. I get confidence from knowing that no matter what I will always put my heart and soul into my work. My work is my fuel, it's what drives me every morning to get up and do it all over again no matter how stressed, restless or sleepless I may be that day.


Thank you, Nicole, for these powerful and honest answers! You're an inspiration.


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