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Meet Nina Kong, Art Consultant + *Making* Big Dreams Happen with Fiverr 🌟

In this interview, Dreamers // Doers member Nina Kong shares how she accidentally discovered her dream business + and how Fiverr helped her launch her business, on a dime. Thank you Fiverr for making this interview possible! 

What's your story?

I’m half South Korean/half Chinese and was born in NYC. I spent a majority of my childhood in South Korea to learn its culture and language. I came from a family of artists and I’ve always been curious about art since childhood.

As a curious child, I recall raiding and organizing people’s attics and libraries and trying to learn about the found objects. Throughout my career, I finally discovered that art was the gateway to understand the human spirit and its power to evoke emotions.

Through the eyes of the artists, I see and understand the history, emotions and creative expressions, which inspire me to share my discovery with others.

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Tell us about your business!

I discovered my dream job by accident while working at an architecture firm. One of the partners was looking for an art historian to document his father’s work after he passed away. While documenting and researching this sculptor's work, I realized my true passion and the core mission of my company: To preserve and promote the legacies of established and emerging artists.

I enjoyed every single aspect of documenting, researching and writing about the works of the artists and sharing my knowledge with people. smART Advisory offers artists the opportunities to showcase their work in exhibition/public/residential/commercial spaces and help clients to discover new artists to expand their art knowledge and collection.

unnamed***You're extra, super special and beautiful***

How did you find out about Fiverr?

I discovered Fiverr at an event of Dreamers // Doers. I'd heard of it before that event, but I wasn't sure what it really was.

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Why did you opt for Fiverr? 

I was a bit skeptical at first because of the cost! I couldn't believe my eyes when I first logged in. I thought it was a typo! I decided to give Fiverr a shot because I needed a temporary logo for a client meeting.***You're extra,

super special and beautiful***

What was your experience? How much did you pay?

I was really impressed with the quality, attention and quick turnaround for all of these services. The logo cost me about $30 and business card design cost me $10! The business card took several attempts, and I used a different designer from the one who made the logo to get a different perspective. Fiverr provided a sense of freedom and flexibility to experiment with the design and helped me to communicate with the designers more clearly.

You can check out images of the business card and logo below. 

  **You're extra, super special and beautiful***

Final words of wisdom: What do you wish you had known before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey?

I could not have launched my company without the love, support and inspiration of Dreamers // Doers. I'm so grateful for this amazing community of women and all the detours and side projects that shaped my career today. These detours paved the way and have led me to exactly where I am today. These detours often frustrated me and made me feel like a failure many times. Now, I realize that each one of these jobs and gigs taught me important lessons on how to become a good entrepreneur.

The biggest lessons I've learned are patience and acceptance of my mistakes. I wish that I allowed myself to make more mistakes and take more risks rather than trying to make things "perfect."

The definition of success and happiness: 

Strive not to be of success but be of value. -Einstein Click To Tweet



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==> Check out the designers Nina used for her logo and for her business cards 🙌 

unnamed   Biz-Card-Final-FR


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