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Relax & Retreat: Top Getaways for Entrepreneurs

As someone who is constantly working towards my goals, I struggle with guilt anytime I'm not doing something "productive".

It's a constant challenge to keep physical exercise, "me" time, and girlfriends in my life. Taking time out for vacation is extremely rare. But what I didn't know until recently is that there are a TON of companies offering unique travel experiences focused on personal and/or business development that incorporate all of the things I never have time to do but really should be doing, both for myself and my business.

Although it requires some planning ahead to make it happen, taking some time out to slow down, retreat into myself, and come back refreshed and re-inspired really is the best way to keep my stamina up in the long run!

I did some digging and came up with these great options to help refocus your vision, find your center, and remind yourself why you put yourself on this path in the first place. Your body (and your business) will thank you!


1. Jaclyn Ciamillo helped found Surprisingly Good Co. and recommends this Fall trip to Mexico called  Un-Becoming Retreat.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” – Unknown

"Sometimes you need to push the reset button. In a group and individually, examine your life from a mental, emotional and physical perspective, then explore the helpful and harmful beliefs that sit within you. From there, you'll determine what you need to do in order to gain a different outlook on the life you lead. You might even find you're doing things well and need a few tweaks. Either way, you'll regain confidence and walk away with a roadmap for the future." - Jaclyn Ciamillo


Un-Becoming Retreat


2. Nutrition and Soul Coach, Debrina Wright, is leading a "Dreamers to Doers" retreat in Mexico in April 2016.

Seven days in Mexico + soul searching + dream visioning + empowerment and liberation...Dreamers 2 Doers Retreat is inspired by a powerful book called The Desire Map. This mega fest of fierce women sounds like a great way to get back in touch with your dreams and set goals with soul! There's daily meditation + yoga + running, cooking classes + eating, beaches, sisterhood, and so much more!


Dreamers to Doers Retreat


3. As a newcomer to this whole "adulthood" thing, I'd be lying if I said I never wish I could go back to summer camp, break more rules, have more fun, and be a kid again!

Welcome to Camp No Counselors, where adults take a weekend to let loose, try new activities, make new friends, and dance under the stars! What better way is there to hit the “reset” button, all the way back to childhood?! It's a great opportunity to replace the word "networking" with "making friends", which is the same after all!

"Camp No Counselors is great. The creators are a fun group of friends that really believe in it. They craft a wonderful little community for the weekend you all go." – Margot Putnam Delaney, Founder of Fashion and Geopolitics

Camp No Counselors

Camp No Counselors


4. I don't know about you, but I've been dreaming of Bali ever since Eat, Pray, Love

Fern Langham is  leading a trip herself to Bali March 4-11, 2016 - during NYEPI Spirit Fest, the Balinese New Year - with her company, Bliss Out Wellness! Each day will provide meditation, reflection and relaxation to restore your highest well-being while you experience Bali through the eyes of a conscious traveler. Unique features of Fern's retreat include New Year celebrations, a "Food as Medicine" cooking class, visits with Balinese healers, and a sunrise mountain hike.

"You journey to a beautiful place, enjoy nourishing meals prepared for you by a personal chef, take daily yoga and meditation classes, attend life-changing workshops, experience and explore the culture of your destination, interact with inspirational mentors, AND cultivate prosperity on the Island of the Gods!" -Sarah Anne & Fern Oliva, Founders of Bliss Out Wellness and Bali Bliss Guides


5. Some of my best work has come right after going on an adventure, being inspired by new surroundings and immersing myself in a new culture.

For this, El Camino Travel comes highly recommended by fantastic wardrobe stylist, Nat Torres. After taking a peek, I'm convinced this company is the bee's knees! Female-founded El Camino Travel offers some amazing, off-the-beaten path experiences. The coolest part is that they bring along professional photographers to capture every beautiful moment to allow travelers to enjoy the journey and live in the present!

"My advice is go for the surfing in Nicaragua! I spent every day in the water taking lessons from Dani at Playa Maderas." - Natalie Torres

El Camino Travel


6. Mixed groups are a lot of fun, but I think there's just something special that happens in groups of gals only. 

Cassandra Santoro, founder of Travel Italian Style, is co-hosting a women-only tour of "mid-October yoga and wine in Italy" with travel writer and yoga teacher Ko Im. Travel Italian Style's "Women's Tuscany Tour" is jam packed with authentic, la dolce vita moments. Enjoy excursions, guided tours, and daily yoga, planned just for you with an aim to facilitate a once-in-a-lifetime experience and help you go home refreshed and empowered! Travel Italian Style is a female-owned, dream-come-true company offering a variety of boutique tours in Italy and can also curate excursions, accommodations, and cultural exchanges to fit your unique personality and travel style. Che bella!

Travel Italian Style

Travel Italian Style


7. I'm ashamed to admit that most of my procrastination stems from facebook. 

It sounds like I could benefit from some old-fashioned play in nature! Camp Grounded (in the California Redwoods or the N. Carolina Blue Ridge Mtns) is a "digital detox" well worth the facebook separation anxiety! "Enjoy over 50+ Playshops, Arts n Crafts, Yoga, Typewriters, Capture the Flag, Color Wars, Meditation, Swimming, Talent Show, Camp Dance, Campfires, Archery, Rockwall, Kickball, Stargazing, Hiking, Healthy Meals, Sing-A-Longs, Face-Painting, Analog Photography, Counselors and more."

"Camp Grounded combined all of this and more. Honestly beyond my expectations!" – Lauren Burke

Camp Grounded

Camp Grounded


8. I'll admit it, I'm an introvert at heart and group activities make me just a liiiiittle nervous. But apparently there's a retreat model for that, too! Jessa Moore, who is currently building her media company while writing a screenplay AND attending Hunter College, suggests Omega Institute in Upstate NY.

Omega Institute is a flexible, "build-your-own" retreat model, allowing you to choose which activities to participate in. Choose from yoga/meditation, spa/sauna, sports, hiking, kayaking, concerts, creative workshops, and community gatherings. There's enough for everyone to create their own ideal retreat! The best part? Omega R&R Retreats are just $25/day (weekdays) or $38 (weekends).


9. Adventure and meeting new people are two things that always stimulate both creativity and superwoman dedication to my goals.

Under 30 Experiences designs the best possible adventures in unique locations, taking care of you every step of the way. "We dive into the local culture, tell stories under star lit skies, learn salsa dancing into the early morning hours, all with people you will call friends by the last day." -Matt Wilson, Co-founder

"Check out Under 30 Experiences :). I went to Costa Rica with them and am planning Mexico later this year (and you don't have to be under 30)!" – Tiffany Yu


Under 30 Experiences


10. Need to get your blood pumping to get your mind off work?

Annah Kesler, who is currently getting her business in shape for some killer design freelance, recommends Camp Fit Costa Rica! Daily workouts through an obstacle course in the jungle, evening yoga, organic and healthy meals, as well as daily trips and excursions (ziplining, surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and more)! It sounds intense, but I'm pretty sure nothing else could make me feel more badass and ready to take on the world than Camp Fit Costa Rica!

11. I definitely struggle to keep spiritual health a priority. This sounds like just what I need to create an updated vision of what I want for my career, for myself, and for life.

One World offers a variety of focused retreats: Women's Mindfulness Retreat, Cleans & Rejuvenate Retreat, Optimize Your Life Yoga Retreat, etc, all centered in beautiful Bali!

"I did the Escape the World Retreat back in '13 with One World and loved it!"  – Marcela Guaman

One World Retreats

One World Retreats


12. Maybe it's the spiritual beauty of flowers or just the pleasure of bringing color into a room, but I've always wanted to work for a florist!

I was so excited when Rima Brindamour (stunning photographer) shared that, "A friend of mine is hosting a cool flower/surfing/yoga retreat in Costa Rica!" Finally, an opportunity to indulge my curiosity with flowers (in Costa Rica to boot!), PLUS enjoy surfing, morning yoga on the beach, and more...sounds like a winner!


Have you been on one of these retreats or want to recommend another awesome getaway? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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