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Why Dreamers // Doers believes in Giving AND setting Boundaries (courtesy of Adam Grant)

At Dreamers // Doers we work hard to unite trailblazing women who are givers = it's our secret weapon for making dreams happen.

==> We enable women to leverage each other as a resource and source of inspiration, herewith allowing us all to achieve more, together.

For this to work, it takes a certain woman with a strong burning desire to elevate other women just as much as herself. For that reason, we curate for personality and potential, over purely pedigree. The results speak for themselves.

Below is further research-backed evidence by Adam Grant on why uniting givers is a recipe for success.


Why it’s good to be a “giver” (not a “taker” or “matcher”) if you have big dreams, are interested in being highly successful. performers are givers; takers and matchers are more likely to land in the middle.”

“...there’s something distinctive that happens when givers succeed: it spreads and cascades. When takers win, there’s usually someone else who loses."

"Research shows that people tend to envy successful takers and look for ways to knock them down a notch."

"In contrast, when [givers] win, people are rooting for them and supporting them, rather than gunning for them."

"Givers succeed in a way that creates a ripple effect, enhancing the success of people around them. You’ll see that the difference lies in how giver success creates value, instead of just claiming it.”


BUT why it’s equally important to set boundaries as a giver:

Fact: the most successful people in this world are givers but that's only half of the story.

"Givers dominate the bottom and the top of the success ladder...Across a wide range of important occupations, givers are at a disadvantage: they make others better off but sacrifice their own success in the process...Across occupations, it appears that givers are just too caring, too trusting, and too willing to sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of others."


==> For that reason Dreamers // Doers unites trailblazing women with BIG dreams, who are equally eager to succeed as well as to support others. It's a recipe for success and rocket fuel for a journey that can be daunting at times.

==> We provide infrastructure that allows for efficient and effective giving and collaboration, this is also the reason for individuals giving more than they ask --  while still ending up with much more than they gave.


Final conclusion: GIVING RULES...And so do you.

==> Want to learn more about Dreamers // Doers?? Tell us more about yourself (=we can't wait to get to know you better!😍)


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