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Should business decisions…be gut decisions?

I noticed my work suffers the moment I make other people’s (potential) opinions a focus point, instead of just listening to my gut. This can apply to my writing, strategic work decisions, pretty much anything.

Even if it happens completely subconsciously, it always leads to indecisiveness, and to me not fully owning the actual, final decision. Which I realized is bullshit.

Decisions are exciting. We become our decisions.

All our life is, is a result of the decisions we’ve made in the past.

How can we listen more to our gut? We must have trust in ourselves. Own who we are.

5 Realizations:

1. It’s not about finding the ultimate “right” answer. There hardly ever in life are decisions that have an outright right or wrong answer. It’s about finding the right answer for YOU.

2. The more you are you, the more you will attract the people you want in your life. And push away the ones that aren’t additive. Sometimes subtly. Sometimes very outrightly.

3. You do your best work by pouring yourself into it. It’s hard to excel at the act of trying to be someone else. Also, it’s difficult to outperform if you lack pleasure in your work.

4. Trying to please others is impossible. You’ll always displease someone. People are mind-blowingly different. Even within a narrow audience there are infinite variations. And if you do succeed…you still lose. You’ll have succeeded in creating work that resonates with others. But not with you.

5. Trying to please others weighs on confidence. Inherently, by being a pleaser, you worry. You are driven by fear. This silences your gut, leaving you without a compass. This not only negatively impacts your work. It will affect every part of your life.

Own your gut

All decisions come with a unique set of consequences. Even the decision to be ourselves. It’s not about eliminating limitations but about picking our poison. Only by doing so consciously, do we get to actually enjoy it.

Too often, even if we do end up with the “best” decision for us, we don’t own it. We keep wondering if it really was the best decision, constantly second-guessing - not allowing it to ever feel right.

But we must have trust in our decisions, feel like we are exactly where we want to be. Only then can we have the fuel to be the best version of ourselves.

It’s our decision to deprive ourselves from this. Or to own that damn gut.

What will you decide today?

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